About Lakeshore Eco-Network

Lakeshore Eco-Network (LEN) is a not-for-profit company that began as a response to the 2014 tornado, which destroyed thousands of trees in the Grand Bend area. Under the leadership of the Grand Bend Community Foundation, LEN launched the 5000 Trees Project with a goal to plant native trees as a meaningful response to climate change. Now that the goal of 5000 trees has been exceeded, LEN recently launched the 25,000 Trees Project. There are many important ways to fight climate change, but our focus is on nature-based climate solutions, such as planting trees and restoring natural areas.

 Autumn Trees Along the Old Ausable Channel


A region where biodiversity flourishes and natural areas are valued and protected.


The Lakeshore Eco-Network raises awareness around the issues of biodiversity and climate change, and promotes the planting of native trees and plants, and the conservation, stewardship, and restoration of natural areas in our region.


As a member of Lakeshore Eco-Network you will be part of a group of concerned people who are committed to climate action, conservation, and tree planting. Just email us and we’ll add you to our group for a one-time membership fee of $25. As a member you will:

  • Have an opportunity to learn about and be part of upcoming activities and events
  • Be invited to members meetings
  • Have a vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Receive our newsletter twice a year



We work with and are supported by several organizations in our region. And we’re always looking for new partners who share our goals!

Our partners are

  • Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
  • Ausable Bayfield Conservation Foundation
  • Sunset Community Foundation
  • Municipality of Lambton Shores
  • West Coast Lions Club
  • Grand Bend Rotary Club
  • Friends of Pinery Park
  • Lambton Shores Nature Trails