Pat in Tree Costume

Have you been concerned about trees being cut down needlessly in your neighbourhood?  Do you think there is a need for the community to be better stewards of the urban forest we have inherited, that makes our community so special? Do you believe that trees are an important way to slow the climate crisis?

The Municipality of Lambton shores Council is considering how it can support responsible stewardship of trees in our communities. Trees have no voice, but you do. If you care about this issue, make your voice heard by signing this petition.

Dear Mayor and Council of Lambton Shores,

Trees are what make our community such a special place. Please take action now to protect and preserve our tree canopy for future generations.

The Municipality’s Official Plan points out that we live in the Carolinian Zone, which makes up only 1 percent of the total land mass in Canada. We are the caretakers of this rare ecosystem, home to more than 2000 species of plants and 400 species of birds.

The climate crisis threatens our community, as it does every community in Canada. Preserving as many of our existing trees as possible will slow climate change and help us adapt to a changing climate.

Trees are beautiful. They cool and clean the air. They provide habitat for plants and animals of all kinds. They help control flooding. They absorb carbon, and help to create a healthier planet.

Thank you for thinking about how to conserve trees on public and private lands in Lambton Shores. Your actions will ensure a beautiful and healthy community now and for future generations.

Please help our petition by sending an email to indicating your support. We will provide you with updates as to our progress.